About CRM

CRM Goal

A customer-centric CRM model

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy to select and manage customers to optimise long-term value. Company success requires a customer-centric business philosophy and innovative system to support effective marketing, sales and service processes. A customer-centric model can establish a strong brand identity, achieve high customer retention and increase sales turnover.

  • Right product and service
  • Reach the right customer
  • At the right price
  • At the right time
  • Through the right channel
  • Beyond customer’s need, desire and satisfaction

CRM Strategies

Strategy builds around customers and turns customers into company asset by building up their loyalty value.

Business practice must be closely aligned with CRM strategy to suit the new market changes.

  • Strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy
  • Collaborate all data information sources within the company, outlets and market
  • Strategy allows cross-selling and up-selling opportunities on target marketing campaign
  • Build a holistic view on customer spending behavior in real time to competitive positioning tactics
  • Applications support sales, customer and marketing to make quick decision management
  • The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software technology must be closely aligned with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy

CRM Analytics

CRM analytics deliver valuable insight for improved customer experience and loyalty program management

  • Gain actionable insight into customer trends
  • Create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to increase revenue and market share
  • Understand what your VIP customers value
  • Prioritize activities to reinforce touchpoints that maximize the customer experience
  • Eliminate high-cost, low-impact customer care activities
  • Increase productivity across all business channels, especially sales, marketing and service

CRM Innovation

“IMIM” is a 360-degree view of customers and focuses on strengthening customer loyalty.

It is a systematic approach to bridge the gap between a CRM vision and customer management.


  • Establish a personalized and powerful differentiated marketing plan
  • Identify your VIP customers’ profile
  • Keep track of customers’ buying behavior


  • Measure loyalty customer performance
  • Target the potential customers in groups
  • Trigger categorized promotion for valued customers


  • Improve marketing strategy and make ease of exit
  • Collaborate and fine tune future promotion campaigns
  • Enhance product uniqueness and suitability


  • Monitor customer buying behavior and pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Anticipate fast actions to go beyond customers’ expectation
  • Offer value-added initiatives to increase customers’ lifetime retention

CRM Automation

CRM automation to increase your ROI and promise your business success

System Automation

Marketing Execution


Dynamic Analytics

Customer Satisfaction

Competitive Advantage

Return On Investment (ROI)

CRM System automation to perform marketing work flow efficiency

  • Flexible and automatic configuration capabilities
  • Execute marketing campaign and loyalty program across all channels effectively
  • Motivate loyalty customers through multimedia applications
  • Dynamic analytics to align capabilities for improvement, identification and segmentation
  • Optimize customer satisfaction from fast response interaction
  • Co-ordinating sales and creating sustainable competitive advantages
  • Automation platform to enhance customer retention and ensure return on investment