Product Update: E-Voucher Management System - Easy Shopping! No Hassles!

20th August 2016
E-Voucher Management System – Easy Shopping! No Hassles!

The e-Voucher Management System (e-VMS) application delivers a pleasure seamless shopping customer experience. Innovation system provides multiple connections throughout the VIP’s journey to create complete customer profiles and achieves operation efficiency. Intelligent development offers a central management control and automated workflow to reduce human resource, and minimize manual mistake. More importantly, the infrastructure on security protection is the valuable core design. In result, the unique solution has successfully brought customer satisfaction and shopping convenience in a safe digital market.


Product Update: Loyalty Apps – To Revitalize your CRM Loyalty System

18th August 2016
Loyalty Apps – To Revitalize Your CRM Loyalty System

Mobile apps cater to the integration of loyalty and bonus program in different framework to help customers improve lifestyles. The flexible modular system can be upgraded and customized at any time to cater marketing needs. Functions are optional with membership scheme, coupon, bonus point, redemption, trade mixed scheme, sales promotion and event management. Moreover, it allows end user to tap in designed icon and start shopping, to show pictures and videos of company facilities, as well as to integrate with online shops and social networks, (Twitter, Facebook), guided with GPS to any physical location and more on sales promotions by push notification.


Product Update: e-Shop System - Full Components to Engage Your Sales Success

18th August 2016
e-Shop System – Full Components to Engage Your Sales Success

We provide an easy to manage system that does not require for a technical expert. The development approach is aimed at easy access, operation, creation, and maintenance. The success key is just in a finger tip for whether customers are a passionate start up business or are well established.

The all-in-one e-Shop full functions enable with:
• Store operation function
• Sales and promotion function
• Payment gateway
• Order fulfillment
• Membership function
• Content management system
• Report management
• Support and maintenance

Our professional and dedicated team provides full-cycle development process, from concept – wire frames – design – back-end development – front-end development – server configuration – manual QA – automated QA to post-development support and maintenance.


Product Update: CRM Loyalty Management Innovation

18th August 2016
CRM Loyalty Management Innovation

To empower competitive advantages for nowadays business environment, our infrastructure of Loyalty Management System is based on latest technologies, interactions and cost optimization design. Multi-application enables collaboration of membership scheme with reward program, campaign promotion, trade mixed management and comprehensive big data management. Our CRM architecture offers innovative service content to streamline operations through online portals across social media channels, websites and mobile apps.

The remarkable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System has showcased for a wide range of industries, food & beverage, retails, hotels, clubs and shop malls.


Product Update: Identity Card Management System

18th August 2016
Identity Card Management System

Identity Card Management System provides smart identification solutions to Government, Education, Healthcare, Military, Manufacturing, Information Technologies, Professional, Sports, Organizations & Entertainment Venues. Designed packages contain the most advanced ID card printers, high frequency card reader, Intelligent software application and premium cards, power- packed with scalable and flexible support on market demand. .
The system is bundled with quality products and security solutions at competitive prices to deliver successful sales with superior customer service. We also provide unique cards in high tech design compatibility. Customer operation efficiency and technical support are guaranteed all year round.


New Product: Mobile Application Module

9th July 2012
Mobile Application Module

Applications designed to increase the frequency, relevancy and profitability of mobile communications among customers via RewritePower Plus mobile app module. We are providing end to end mobile solutions to market retailers and enhance companies to apply marketing ideas with CRM interaction. Engage your customers with promotional campaigns through multi-mobile app functions that drive acquisition and motivate VIP customer’s participation on sales activities and reward programs.
Action to achieve customer retention and loyalty initiatives, RPAL “Mobile Application Module” can work for you at anytime, everywhere!


New Product: Membership Web Online System_V2

16th May 2011
Membership Web Online System_V2

At the forefront of CRM System innovation, we are pleased to announce that through extensive research and development, the upgraded “Membership Web Online System” has been launched.
The NEW application is classified as “ Special Offer Item (SOI)” Do allow our system intelligence to empower your business success and prosper in an ever changing market.


New Product: Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) System V2

8th April 2010
Electronic Direct mail (EDM) System V2

The design of an upgraded “ Easy-of-use EDM System V2” is grounded on creating, sending, tracking and managing all email campaigns as easy and effective as possible. Our tools allow to create and send in-house at all times.
Comprehensive tracking and reporting ensures all information are effectively sent to targeted customers and have constantly improved marketing campaigns. The all-in-one integrated platform with loyalty membership system provides an easy gateway, whatever any marketing strategy, it is likely that our EDM can offer a solution on customer demand.


New Product: Smart Beauty Management System_V2

3rd Jan 2000
Smart Beauty Management System_V2

For Beauty Center, Spa, Hair and Nail Salon Operation Management
The ” Smart Beauty Management System” application software focuses on enhancing beauty treatment business and retail work flow operation to organize with automation and efficiency. System intelligence design capitalizes on billing, payment collection, purchase transaction, service packages, appointment booking, therapist/consultant schedule, inventory management and commission/salary computation. More advanced functionalities are built in for payment management with 360 degrees reporting modules. Easy operations and user friendly on windows platform.
A single or multi-tier reward system is designed to motivate VIP members’ engagement and successfully foster sales revenue. The rewards can be in the form of e-cash dollars, rebates, discount coupons or vouchers. Multiple CRM modules are embedded for your free choice.